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Tyler Winn, CPA

Tyler Winn is the top payroll business coach in the USA. As a CPA, he successfully built Cirrus Payroll into a 7-figure payroll practice on the AccountantsWorld® Payroll Relief platform. With over a decade of experience growing and running his firm, he is on a mission to empower his fellow payroll entrepreneurs with the knowledge that has fueled his own payroll success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to dispel the myth that payroll is destined to be the most unprofitable and frustrating service in your firm. We will achieve our mission when:

  • Payroll no longer keeps you up at night
  • Payroll is a money-making machine for your firm
  • ​You actually want more payroll clients – no more just putting up with them
  • ​Your payroll staff is excited to come to work

Our programs are designed with one goal in mind - to enhance the profitability of payroll services in your firm - so you are finally WINNING WITH PAYROLL!

What We Offer



Join our free community, exclusively for entrepreneurs who use the Payroll Relief platform.

  • Community of 500+ Payroll Relief users
  • ​​Offer and receive valuable support
  • Regular Q&A sessions to discuss best practices


Explore our ever-expanding library of resources designed to supercharge your payroll business growth.

  • Templates and checklists
  • Comprehensive training courses
  • State payroll tax guides
  • ​And more!

Payroll Profit Accelerator

Our exclusive 1-on-1 coaching program for payroll entrepreneurs ready optimize payroll and maximize profitability.

  • Ideal for firms with a minimum of 50 active payroll clients on the Payroll Relief platform
  • Exclusive resources, templates, and checklists
  • Tailored, actionable plan to transform your payroll department​

How We Can Help

Do you need a proven plan to fix your payroll business?

  • Your clients run the payroll department
  • ​Payroll is overly customized with no documented processes
  • ​You break even on payroll (or maybe even lose money…)
  • Your payroll staff is frazzled and overworked
  • ​Quarter-end payroll tax filing months are brutal
  • ​You dread clients asking you to take on payroll

When you implement our plan, your payroll services...

  • Are transformed into a thriving profit center
  • Run like clockwork with standardized and repeatable processes
  • Energize your staff, who embrace their roles (and leave work at 5pm every day)
  • Drive excitement in the firm and enthusiasm to add more clients!

What Others Are Saying About Us

April C., CPA


"I am really enjoying the training because during these sessions, Tyler shows us how to recognize our firm’s payroll system issues, and he instructs and leads us in how to solve them. His information is relevant, helpful, and current. If you are struggling with inefficient payroll processing procedures, let Tyler coach you on how to solve your issues. You will be amazed at the results!"

Katy L., CPA


"After following Tyler on social media and knowing of his success, we jumped at the chance to work with him. We learned from Tyler in a few weeks what would have taken us years to develop and refine. We estimate that in the first year, our team time associated with processing payroll will drop 43% with the same number of payrolls."

Ken Allen, CPA 


"A great guy with a great business mindset. I'm sold and looking forward to a continued fellowship with him in whatever capacity arises down the road. The call was very valuable and worth every penny. I have an actionable checklist I'm working on right now, but more importantly, I think I've gained a possible friend who will only add value to my life from this point forth."

Greg Scholten EA


"I finished my one-on-one call with Tyler Winn a little bit ago and it was well worth the consulting fee. It was great to talk through some questions and get some insight on how to continue to grow my payroll offerings. Highly recommend the consultation."

Damon U., CPA
Better Business Payroll


"I'd like to recommend to everyone here to give yourself a great edge by booking a one-on-one consult with Tyler Winn from Cirrus Payroll - I did, and I came away with an assortment of tools that I didn't have before to help my company grow it's payroll services. I'm planning on booking even more time with him - that's how much I benefited from his wisdom!"

Jennifer Wood-Baker, CPA


"I was at my limit and ready to throw in the towel on payroll services due to some recent client issues. I booked a one-on-one with Tyler Winn and he gave me insight on profit, procedures and best practices. If you need perspective or advice, I encourage you to book an hour with Tyler Winn. More to come as we continue the process of streamlining this part of our business."

Rob Haskins, CPA


"Had my consultation call with Tyler Winn this week and I would highly recommend connecting with him to learn and bounce ideas around. We discussed several topics and the knowledge Tyler possesses would greatly empower and enhance any individual or payroll company looking to grow and prosper. I will certainly be booking another in the near future!"

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Yes, our coaching and resources are exclusively designed for Payroll Relief users. We believe this tailored approach is most effective.


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